Private Island Atokos


Atokos, is a small uninhabited Greek island in the Ionian Sea with a total area of 4.7000 acres. It is situated 9 km northeast of Ithaca and 8 km southwest of Kastos. It is administered by the municipality of Ithaca. It has two key anchorages, One House Bay on the east coast and Cliff Bay on the south coast. Atokos is simply an earthly paradise unspoiled by human intervention, lying among the Echinades Islands (echinus means sea urchin) off the coast of Acarnania and one of the most secluded island in the Ionian Sea. It is impossible not to fall for the tranquil turquoise waters, the white rock formations at One House Bay and the dense vegetation that covers the island. Although the isle was considered uninhabited, according to the latest census there are two inhabitants; probably one of them must be the priest as the only human structure on the island is a church at One House Bay, clearly visible from the beach.

Address:Ionian Sea, Greece
Lot Square Feet:4.7000 acres
Lot size:4.7000 acres
Location:Ionian sea, Greece

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